As we continue on with this project we hope to be able to help promote patriotism with in the community and mean no harm to an individual or branch of service, but because of limited space for the banners some groups of men and women who serve may get left out, we hope that in the future the city will see fit to allow our project to continue on other streets in Visalia.

                          The following Criteria is for currently serving, NOT Veterans

Toll Free1-855-BRAVE-GI


1. Service Member (SM) must have attended a Visalia High School or,
2. Lived in Visalia for a period of 1 year.
3. Service Member (SM)  must have successfully completed basic training,
4. SM must be currently serving in one of our Nation's five branches of the Military as active duty.  National Guard who are currently deployed for full time service either overseas or in the U.S. also qualify for a banner.  
5. No rank is excluded, all actively serving Military service personnel are considered eligible, including officers.  (Rank/ Titles will not be included on the banners. Banners will state name and branch, only.)